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After striking a deal, Sudan’s military reinstalls expelled PM Abdalla Hamdok

Key takeaways:

  • Sudan’s military and civilian leaders have agreed to reinstate PM Abdalla Hamdok, who was deposed earlier this month in a coup.

Sudan’s military and civilian officials have agreed to restore Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok, who was toppled in a coup earlier this month.

According to the agreement inked Sunday, the military will also release government officials and politicians who have been detained since the October 25 coup.

In televised statements, the country’s senior general, Abdel Fattah Burhan, said Hamdok would lead an independent technocratic Cabinet until elections.

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The extent to which the government would wield power is unknown. However, it would still be supervised by the military.

International condemnation has greeted the coup, which comes more than two years after a popular revolt forced the resignation of longstanding despot Omar al-Bashir and his Islamist regime.

Sudanese have taken to the streets in large numbers since the military took control of the country, upending the country’s fragile democratic transition. The deal comes just days after medics announced that at least 15 individuals were killed by live fire during anti-coup protests.

For weeks, military commanders have kept Hamdok under house arrest.

Sudan military to reinstate PM Hamdok in new deal: Mediators

Military and government officials who spoke about the agreement earlier stated it included the release of government officials and lawmakers detained since the coupon on October 25. 

However, the largest political parties reported to be involved in the pact; the Umma Party issued a statement hinting that it had not signed off on it.

The officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not allowed to reveal the material, said the United Nations, the United States, and others played “critical roles” in the agreement’s creation.

The use of excessive force against anti-coup protesters has been denounced by the United States, its allies, and the United Nations.

Thousands of people marched to the streets in Khartoum’s capital on Sunday to protest the coup and demand an immediate handover of control to civilians. Protesters screamed “Power to the People!” while waving the Sudanese flag. The military will be confined to their quarters.”

Source: Global News

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