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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Winter storm warnings have been issued, and heavy snowfall is predicted

Key sentence:

  • In certain areas we can expect snowfall around 60cm till Tuesday night.
  • According to weather forecast wind speed can go upto 100km which can cause major issues in southern Alberta.

As a severe storm sweeps across the province, Albertans are braced for snow and wind.

Snowfall, winter storms, wind warnings, and special weather statements have been issued for localities from Slave Lake to Waterton National Park across the province.

Before the storm ends Tuesday night, anywhere from 10 to 60 centimetres of snow is anticipated in certain regions.

According to Environment Canada, drivers could expect blowing snow, strong wind gusts, and limited visibility on roads and highways.

Alberta is forecast to see heavy snowfall and strong winds on Monday and Tuesday.

The Rockies are taking the worst of the damage. Up to 60 cm of snow is forecast along Highway 93 near Jasper and Banff by Tuesday morning, prompting travellers to postpone non-essential travel until conditions improve.

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Freezing rain and suffocating pollution

Up to 30 centimetres of snow is anticipated to fall in parts of northern Alberta.

As the storm caused a stagnant weather pattern, a special air quality statement was issued in Bonnyville, St. Paul, Cold Lake, and Lac La Biche.

People with breathing problems should avoid going outside until the situation improves.

The statement states, “Stagnant meteorological conditions under a ridge of high pressure are forcing pollution near the surface to build up over time.”

“Symptoms include increased coughing, throat discomfort, headaches, and shortness of breath in some people.”

“Today’s bad air quality will improve as winds strengthen during the day, allowing pollutants to disperse.”

Environment Canada warned in a Monday advisory that 10 to 20 cm of snow might fall in the Edmonton area.

It will be the capital region’s first taste of winter after a relatively snow-free November.

“Snow will begin this morning in western Alberta and move eastward throughout the day, reaching the Edmonton metropolitan area by early afternoon,” Environment Canada warned.

“In addition to the snow, severe northerly winds with gusts up to 70 km/h will emerge Monday night and continue into Tuesday over sections of eastern Alberta.”

Winter storm warnings have been issued, and heavy snowfall is predicted

Strong winds

According to Environment Canada, freezing rain will be an issue Monday, in addition to the snow that began on Monday morning in several parts of central Alberta.

A band of freezing rain is predicted to form late this afternoon and slowly move northeast through the evening from near Drayton Valley eastward to the Saskatchewan border.

According to Environment Canada, wind blows of up to 100 km/h are expected in southern Alberta.

According to Environment Canada, winds are forecast to pick up in western Alberta Monday afternoon and travel eastward, reaching the Saskatchewan border Monday evening.

In crosswinds, some vehicles may be at risk of turning over.

“Buildings, such as roof shingles and windows, may be damaged. In addition, high winds can scatter loose objects and snap tree limbs. “In a statement, Environment Canada issued a warning.

Drivers should alter their driving to the changing road conditions.

“Snow that is rapidly accumulating might make travel impossible in certain areas. In addition, in thick snow, visibility may be drastically decreased at times.”

Source: CBC News

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