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Following a rainfall, several New Brunswick roadways remain blocked

After a rainfall, several roads in New Brunswick remain blocked

Key Takeaways:

  • After heavy rain and high winds produced hazardous driving conditions across New Brunswick, crews still repair roadways.
  • Two minor routes, Highway 875 near Sussex and Highway 645 near Fredericton, have also been blocked due to flooding.
  • According to Taylor, new Brunswickers should contact N.B. 511 to learn about the potential repercussions of traveling over the weekend.

Crews are still working to repair roads across New Brunswick after heavy rain, and strong winds caused slick driving conditions.

Several roadways in the province’s southeast were stopped on Friday and remained closed on Saturday evening.

According to Department of Transportation spokesperson Mark Taylor, Highway 106 near Sackville as well as Highway 114 near Fundy National Park are both closed due to water on the roads.

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Water has also closed two secondary highways, including Highway 875 near Sussex and Highway 645 near Fredericton.

“A lot of highways are now slick as a result of yesterday’s precipitation,” Taylor added.

“Crews have been on the site since yesterday attempting to resolve those road restrictions, and we expect to reopen them as soon as possible.”

According to Taylor, new Brunswickers should consult N.B. 511 to understand what consequences they might expect when traveling over the weekend.

Temperatures and water levels set new records.

On Friday, several locations in New Brunswick set daily high-temperature records.

Environment Canada reported in a weather summary early Saturday that the high temperature in the Fredericton region was 10.8 degrees Celsius, breaking the previous record of 10.1 degrees established in 1981.

High temperatures of 10.1 C were recorded in the Fundy National Park region, breaking the previous daily record of 7.5 C set in 1981.

In the Grand Manan region, a high temperature of 11.3 C broke the previous record of 9.6 C set in 2008.

After a rainfall, several roads in New Brunswick remain blocked
After a rainfall, several roads in New Brunswick remain blocked. Image from CBC News

The peak temperature in Moncton was 11.7 degrees Celsius, the highest day temperature since 2008. (9.6 C).

St. Stephen also broke its previous daily record of 11 degrees Celsius, established in 1981, with a new high of 11.8 degrees Celsius.

Heavy rainfall was observed in the province’s southern regions.

On Friday, Harvey received 106 mm of rain, while Fundy National Park received 76 millimeters.

Waterside, Dorchester, Sackville, and Miramichi received between 45 and 60 mm of rain.

Rainfall totaled 26 mm at Cap Pelé, Oak Point, and Doaktown.

The Restigouche and Madawaska regions received between 15 and 25 cm of snow.

Saint John, Moncton, Sussex, Grand Manan Island, and Mechanic Settlement saw strong winds of around 90 km/h.

Source: Global News

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