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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Advantages of Forecasting Travel to Canada Post COVID

According to Statistics Canada, In January 2022, the number of international visitors to Canada had risen since the previous year, but “remained well below pre-pandemic levels in January 2020.”  Although one might think that with less traveling that it would be easier to go abroad, especially on business, in fact it has become exceedingly more difficult.  Part of the issues that hinder travel are related to restrictions related to COVID, and the other part is the lack of travel documents being processed or approved on time.  At Favisbook, the goal is to provide services to assist in expediting visa appointments with Consulates but discovered that since there are two problems restricting travel, they also wanted to be able to provide travel forecasting to our clients so that they may better predict potential problems and overcome them in time to be where you need to be… when you need to be there.  

Benefits of Travel and Tourism in Canada

Economically speaking, when travel restrictions are in place, Canadians are responsible for the majority of the spending necessary to keep the economy afloat, however, as travel restrictions lessen, tourist spending increases which creates a healthy increase in spending, lessening the economic stress on Canadians.  Additionally, the tourism and travel sector of Canada supports almost 1.8 million jobs across the country.  Lastly, Canada is an attractive travel option simply due to the favorable exchange rate for international travelers.  

Confusion When Traveling Outside of Canada

In these uncertain times, it can be difficult to know where you can go, when, and what the specific requirements are. It creates a very confusing and uncertain environment, especially when our customers are simply attempting to travel on business related activities. Travel restrictions, visa requirements and other travel concerns are difficult to research and answer with ease. Travel forecasting allows for organizations like Favisbook to better understand the shifting landscape of travel in Canada and globally, allowing for them to make more informed decisions. Travel forecasts provide insights into future tourist flows which will help prioritize your services.  

What is Travel Forecasting and How Does It Work?

Post COVID the need to be able to determine whether you will need additional time to gather the appropriate documentation for travel, what additional documents you may need to travel to another Country because of COVID requirements, as well as how difficult these tasks maybe with a rise in travel now that COVID restrictions are lifting becomes essential.  It is the intention of Favisbook to use travel forecasting to predict travel behavior and the demand for travel in a specific future time frame.  Additionally, since Favisbook is prioritizing and keeping a close eye on the requirements for each country that our clients travel to, they can anticipate any additional time that may be required to gather documentation and assist with setting Consulate appointments for Visa travel.  

Travel forecasting also assists in travel planning, logistics, and risk management. Travel forecasts are not intended to be perfect, but rather can assist you in understanding how your business or organization should plan its future activities. Travel forecasts are about looking into the future to better understand the potential for growth in the Travel and Tourism Sectors in Canada both domestically and internationally.

You Can Count on Favisbook to Help You Plan Your Trip Without a Hitch

Clients and customers who use Favisbook have counted on them for years to assist them with the major problems that they faced with the visa application process.  It is exciting to be able to further simplify that process with dependable travel forecasting.  Quoting the CEO of Favisbook, Kareem Dus, “Travel should be simple and convenient, and we will continue to strive towards that goal with our excellent research, and thorough planning.”

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