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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Rowing Canada holds national championships at Elk Lake in Saanich

Key takeaways:

  • At the 2021 national finals, Rowing Canada welcomed singles and pairs from the University of Victoria and across the country.
  • According to a University of British Columbia rower, about 20 pair teams competed on Saturday.

On Friday and Saturday, Rowing Canada hosted singles and pairs from the University of Victoria and throughout the country at the 2021 national finals.

During the two-day championship event, singles and pairs boats competed on a 1,800-meter track on Elk Lake in Saanich, creating a national rating of all participants in Canada.

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Athletes from the Vikes’ men’s and women’s teams competed in the regatta, where national rankings can lead to National Training Center invitations, NextGen Athlete rankings and camp invitations, Sport Canada Athlete Assistance Program rankings, and rankings for provincial funding.

On Saturday, roughly 20 pair teams were racing, according to a University of British Columbia rower.

Aidan Della Siega remarked, “We go through a time trial and a bunch of semi- and quarter-finals; it’s pretty competitive racing.” “By the time the finals arrive, the difference between the champion and the last pair to cross the finish line in seconds.”

Rowing Canada hosts national championships at Saanichs Elk Lake

Della Siega and his doubles partner Tanner Wick stated they had a successful race against excellent Vikes and other rivals at the weekend regatta despite the challenging conditions. They came in eighth, just 30 seconds behind the first-place rowers.

Team B.C.’s Peter Lancashire and John Walkey took the first position in the Men’s Open two, crossing the finish line in five minutes and 59 seconds.

Source: Peninsula News

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