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Following the Memorial Cup victory, Saint John COVID-19 cases increased

Following the Memorial Cup victory, Saint John COVID-19 cases increased.

Key Takeaways:

  • A spike in new COVID-19 cases was seen in the Saint John Region just a few days following the 2022 Memorial Cup competition.
  • Big Tide Brewing in Uptown announced it would temporarily reduce its hours of operation after many employees caught COVID-19 on Monday night.
  • According to data from the Horizon Health Network, 41 employees in the Saint John Region are absent at work as a result of COVID-19.

Only a few days after the 2022 Memorial Cup event, the Saint John Region witnessed an increase in the number of new COVID-19 cases.

Public Health reported 286 COVID-19 cases verified by PCR tests and 483 positive self-reported POCT tests in Zone 2 alone in its most recent weekly COVID-19 update.

According to the bulletin, 1,915 additional positive tests have been conducted across the province.

Businesses in the area have noticed a noticeable impact on their personnel due to the recent increase, and some have been forced to temporarily close their doors.

After many employees contracted COVID-19 on Monday night, Big Tide Brewing in Uptown stated it would temporarily shorten its hours of operation.

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Owner Chris Vair claimed in a Zoom interview on Wednesday morning, “Right now, we ended up with two waiters testing positive on Sunday, I tested positive on Monday, and one of the chefs tested positive yesterday.

However, two more employees tested positive by Wednesday afternoon, and Vair confirmed in an email to Global News that they would close “for at least a couple of days” in the hopes that some employees would be able to leave by this weekend.

Everyone from the brewery who has gotten the infection is currently doing well, according to Vair.

I don’t know if we’re still feeling the effects of it, but it was still good. We wouldn’t exchange it for anything, Vair added.

McGill’s, a few streets from Big Tide Brewing, has had some staff members test positive for the virus as well.

The owner, Corey McGill, said, “We’ve had those challenges; I got COVID in the middle of the Memorial Cup, so I had to isolate for 5 days throughout the tournament, and I couldn’t help out, so it was challenging, but everyone is working through it.”

The restaurant is adequately staffed, according to McGill, but things can quickly change if several employees get sick.

Following the Memorial Cup victory, Saint John COVID-19 cases increased.
Following the Memorial Cup victory, Saint John COVID-19 cases increased. Image from CTV News

The Saint John Region Chamber of Commerce declined a request for an interview on Wednesday. Still, CEO David Duplisea said that while the situation is “percolating,” they are not currently alarmed.

This COVID-19 comeback occurs as Saint John residents’ memories of hosting the Memorial Cup are still recent.

Following almost two weeks of contests, activities, and events, the hometown Saint John Sea Dogs’ victory drew tens of thousands of followers out into the streets for a parade in celebration.

However, the top physician in New Brunswick believes it is premature to accuse anyone.

“I wouldn’t say that I would blame. Once more, I believe the risks are greater indoors than outdoors. This is something we have always known. Therefore, in an interview on Tuesday, when people decide to congregate, decide who to assemble with, decide whether to wear a mask,” said Dr. Jennifer Russell, chief medical officer of health.

41 employees in the Saint John Region are not at work due to COVID-19, according to information provided by the Horizon Health Network. According to a spokesperson’s email, Kris McDavid, that number has dropped by 13 since Tuesday.

73 staff workers from the network are currently absent from work owing to the virus across New Brunswick.

Source: Global News

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