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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Defending champion Homan suffers another defeat at the Canadian Curling Trials

Key takeaways:

  • Rachel Homan is in a tight spot at the SaskTel Centre following early losses to Canada’s Olympic curling trials’ bottom two seeds.
  • Following a strong first half, McCarville made a couple of mistakes in the second part of the game.

The defending women’s champion, Rachel Homan, is tight at the SaskTel Centre after early losses to the lowest two seeds at Canada’s Olympic curling trials.

After losing to Jacqueline Harrison in the round-robin opener, Homan fell to Krista McCarville 9-5 on Sunday, falling to 0-2 with the tournament’s top guns still to come.

Homan’s third Emma Miskew commented, “You can’t think about a 0-2 (start) against anything else.” “I’m sure there are a lot of fantastic teams here.” As a result, teams will lose, and teams will be able to beat each other. “All we have to do now is control what we can.”

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After a rocky start, Homan had some time to regroup. She won’t play again until Monday night when she takes against Kelsey Rocque.

Later this week, a murderers’ row of Canadian women’s curling talent awaits.

Jennifer Jones, the 2014 Olympic winner, world No. 1 Tracy Fleury, two-time reigning national champion Kerri Einarson, Laura Walker, and Casey Scheidegger are still to compete.

“It’s not the start we expected, but you never want to go 0-2 in a bonspiel,” Homan’s coach Marcel Rocque remarked.

“I guess we’re in the C in a typical triple-knockout” (draw). If you lose one more, you might as well return home. But there’s a chance you’ll get a tiebreaker here.”

Homan, who hit a game-low 64%, had her first stone in the fourth end over curl, setting up a three-point McCarville draw.

Following a strong first half, McCarville made a couple of mistakes in the second part of the game.

On a deuce attempt in the sixth end, the skip took out her stone, missed a double takeout in the 7th end, and settled for a single on a draw for two in the ninth.

Defending champion Homan in 0-2 hole at curling trials after loss to  McCarville

McCarville, who had a 74% completion rate, came through when it counted most. Homan’s triple-takeout effort was practically impossible after her takeout with her final shot in the 10th end.

The miss gave McCarville (1-1) a two-stroke advantage and victory.

“The ice was tough today,” said Kendra Lilly, vice president of McCarville. “It wasn’t anything that happened by itself. We were just trying to get the most out of every opportunity.”

It’s feasible that a 5-3 record will get you into the three-team playoffs this weekend.

Jones finished 5-3 at the 2017 trials in Ottawa, while Mike McEwen did the same in the men’s draw, despite both rinks starting 0-2 in the first round.

“You don’t have to be concerned about the end of the week,” Marcel Rocque explained. “You have to concentrate on the next game.”

Jones advanced to 2-0 with a 10-2 win over Harrison (1-1), and Einarson improved to 1-1 with a 10-5 win against Scheidegger (1-1). Walker (1-1) defeated Kelsey Rocque (0-1).

The men’s draw was scheduled on Sunday afternoon, with the women returning to the ice in the evening.

The round-robin portion of the tournament will run until Friday night, with the finals scheduled for November 28.

The champions of the Tim Hortons Canadian Curling Trials will represent Canada in the Winter Olympics in Beijing in February.

Homan won the 2017 trials final over Chelsea Carey but finished fourth in the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics. Kevin Koe was left out of Canada’s men’s team in South Korea and denied a medal.

The Canadian Press initially published this information on November 21, 2021.

Source: Global News

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