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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

With its premium goods and excellent after sales service, ‘The Beard Struggle’ is continuously evolving and dominating in the beard care industry.

Cruising his way to the top is Faiysal Kothiwala with his brand ‘The Beard Struggle.’

For men, growing and grooming a beard is no longer a fashion equation, it’s a lifestyle. There are several explanations for growing a long and sharp beard. It is said that by allowing your face to grow beautiful hair, you can formally enter manhood and take another step up the social ladder. But growing this manly feature can invite some serious hair troubles. Therefore, several businesses have come forward with distinctive beard care products that seek to provide men with the best grooming experience. One such business that tops the list of such brands is ‘The Beard Struggle’.

Faiysal Kothiwala is the founder of the “The Beard Struggle”, a brand that provides men with the most premium and natural beard care items. He has put people above profits and given the finest customer services, contributing to its tremendous growth. Back in the year 2015, Faiysal founded ‘The Beard Struggle’, to cater the needs of those who wanted to grow a beard but could rarely find time and attention to take care of it. He believes in offering his customers an excellent experience, by thoroughly valuing their desires, and fulfilling them. His brand is soaring greater heights because of consistently producing top-notch quality products for men. The company offers all its customers 24/7 support, and with 100 percent effort, it strives to resolve all customer issues. Apart from the high-quality service and products, the company is also dedicated to serve the society and fulfill its social responsibilities. It has raised over 30,000 CAD in 2020 for various social causes such as BC Cancer, Wounded Veterans Project, St. Judes Children Hospital, etc.

‘The Beard Struggle’ has two warehouses, one in the United Kingdom and one in Canada. With a wide range of high-quality beard care products, the brand has emerged as a one-stop solution for all those men who want their beard to be the most talked about subject in town.

Visit their official website –, to shop and obtain further information about high quality beard products.

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