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Monday, May 29, 2023

The pace of online shopping has multiplied during the pandemic, says Cory Muroff

E-commerce is one of the fastest-growing ways to sell products. Online sales are soaring right now, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These sales grew 14.9% in 2019, with consumers spending $601.75 billion on online products. Cory Muroff is an expert in this field and believes that social commerce is the best way to bring in new clients and keep in touch with existing ones.

Muroff has been building e-commerce ventures since 2011, starting with a business that sold men’s fashion accessories and clothing. Currently, he is COO of Cry Baby, which sells female clothing and accessories. He also works on the board of charitable clothing shop Ivory Ella. He utilizes social commerce every day to sell his items.

“Social commerce involves using social networking sites to promote and sell your products online,” Muroff said.

“If people see your brand a lot on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, they’re much more likely to buy your products in the first place. If they see engaging content, they’re more likely to be repeat customers.” The success of a social commerce campaign is measured by how many likes, comments, and shares a post gets, as well as how many people click on a link to your shop. “Social media is still pretty new, so it’s hard for some people to crack the algorithm. However, you need to prioritize this in your business, as you won’t get far without it.” If you have trouble leveraging social media to find customers yourself, Muroff suggests hiring a few people to manage your pages and create ads. “While it’s possible to learn, making graphics and crafting witty tweets might not be worth your time as a CEO. Always be working to optimize your production.”

In addition to the work Muroff does on his own brands, he specializes in e-commerce fulfillment. He has experience operating warehouses, not only for his own companies but for other people as well. “Promptly shipping out your orders is so important. It shows the customer that you care and helps you compete with huge corporations like Amazon. People want their items right away, and the sooner you can get their stuff to them, the better.”

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