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In Case You Were Curious, Famed Youtuber Khaled Mazeedi Is Still Crushing Life, Instagram and Youtube

It wasn’t too long ago we first introduced you to the man and the myth, Khaled Mazeedi.

He lives a life oozing with chic women, exotic cars and private jets, Mazeedi has unassumingly sketched a hypothetical mural of what it means to succeed in life ( a national hero to some).

While the man has many supporters, he also has people who oppose his lifestyle, it’s almost critical to note Mazeedi has used his brand to help people, men specifically, in search of the answers to life’s major questions.

Here’s a tough question: “How on earth is it possible to afford a Pagani?”

Mazeedi’s answer? Invest in bitcoin and don’t look back.

Mazeedi is said to hold over one thousand bitcoin, hidden in an anonymous address. With bitcoins price breaking the $40,000 barrier this year, that’s a ton of money.

Despite how colorful the man’s life may seem, it’s good to know that he, too, is human and has had his fair share of questionable moments. His love for fast cars has resulted in multiple run ins with law enforcement in Europe and North America. And one time he nearly fought the world’s most famous footballer at a London nightclub.

There’s your verile proof he’s only human. But regardless, he continues to be involved in a lot of cool sh*t.

After Bitcoin’s rise in 2017, Mazeedi began sharing glimpse of his life on instagram and Youtube, his accounts took off shortly after, gaining millions of followers and subscribers. 

Even after his extended break from social media, the bearded badass is still crushing life, Youtube and Instagram, one drop at a time. He has been focusing on his business ventures and claims an eminent return to Youtube. He has founded a premium metal credit card company called Swipemint, and is now in the art of perfuming. Mazeedi is set to revive a one of a kind fragrance based on a lost scent from the 16th century, which he stumbled upon in an abandoned chateau in the Loire Valley in France.

About a week ago, Khaled was seen on a mega-yacht at the Palazzo Versace Dubai with middle eastern royalty wearing white trousers and loafers, sitting back cross-legged with Cazal sunglasses with an unlit cigar dangling from his mouth. The man is still as stylish as ever.

Mazeedi is also set to launch a number of new youtube shows, including a remake of “Shark Tank.” The panel of judges include Dan Bilzerian and a few other Instagram celebrities. 

Check out his shenanigans:

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