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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Dr.Chad Deal of Southern Surgical Arts has changed the lives of many patients with his cosmetic surgery skills

Chattanooga’s star plastic surgeon Dr. Chad Deal has a very simple mantra about success- knowing one’s strengths and drawbacks and working on them with utmost honestly till the goal is achieved.

With a disarming smile on his face and unwavering confidence, Dr.Chad Deal weaves magic on each patient as they fly down to him, asking for personalised solutions to their makeover questions. No wonder they are full of praise for him when we asked them to review their experience with Dr.Deal. His commitment to professionalism, without neglecting the individual concerns of a patient is particularly commendable, they said.

We interviewed this gentlemanly doctor, who has been in this profession for 11 years, about his life and career, and were stunned and pleased to learn how his perseverance and optimism has finally awarded him with the much-deserved success.

Dr.Deal’s childhood as a Caucasian in a military base was not exactly a bed of roses. Thankfully, he found role models in his mother and step-father, who guided him and implanted the value of hard work in him. At 17, he took the resolution to become a cosmetic surgeon and majored in microbiology, studying biochemistry alongside. The star pupil of his class, Deal won laurels like the inorganic chemistry student of the year in his institute. He was awarded the title of the best Cosmetic Surgeon in Chattanooga in 2016 and 2017, as a recognition of his intensive work and experience. The website named him the Most Compassionate Doctor based on Patient’s Choice. He now has a successful practice that spans over 4 cities- Chattanooga, Ooltewah, Calhoun and Blue Ridge.

However, this doctor, who made Brazilian butt lifting a household name since 2011 has had his share of hurdles and misfortunes. Not only did a former business partner take advantage of his trust, but his employees weren’t spared either. His acute sense of responsibility made him overcome that rough patch. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic brought about an unprecedented situation in his career and business. He anticipated the significant change it was going to bring about and went virtual, and toiled for 15 hours per day. He focused on online consultation sessions and promoted his work on social media, which ultimately reaped great benefits. His Instagram account – @drhidef.ssa has a whopping number of 462k followers who rave about Dr.Deal’s uniquely funny take on his daily work. And as the ultimate reward for his dedicated service, he has grown his practice into a nationalised company.

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