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Egyptian Equestrian Haya Mostafa Shares A Few Suggestions To Help Others Get Closer To Success

The young talent who had won $4000 in her first show jumping started her journey at four and now, at 23, is already a sought-after successful sporting talent.

Having the vision to attain specific goals is one thing, but riding against the tides, making bold choices, showing courage, walking unconventional paths, and sparing no effort in turning those visions into a reality is a different game altogether. People who have belonged to the latter category have surrendered to their dreams and have made sure to tenaciously walk their way to the top to keep raising the bar for others in the industry. Egyptian equestrian Haya Mostafa has been doing exactly that and showing no signs of stopping, turning into a sought-after successful sporting talent.

The 1999-born is an Egyptian talent in horse riding and show jumping who started her journey when she was all of four years old. At 11 years, she started with show jumping, and since then, she has never looked back. Getting trained under professional trainers, she ensured to continuously sharpen her skills in riding and jumping, which led her to earn some of the most esteemed accolades as a show jumper across local and international competitions. She had won $4000 in her first show jumping; such is the crazy talent she has been so far in her career.

Suggesting other aspiring sporting talents and other professionals across sectors around the world, Haya Mostafa says that people need to first define themselves or know who they are as a person. They should then identify their purpose and also work around ideas and visions to bring those visions into reality, eventually adding more value to the lives of others, just like Haya Mostafa wishes to do all her life by using her gifts and talents to improve people’s lives.

Having participated in varied competitions and even reaching their finals and winning 1st place 8x times in her home country, Haya Mostafa has created a massive buzz around her and her skills as an equestrian and show jumper. Do find more about her through her Instagram @haya

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