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YouTuber Matthew Rodriguez (TapWater), Throws Light on What He Thinks Makes a Great Video Content

Matthew says the heart of any video or content is honesty and storytelling, which turns it into an extraordinary piece of art.

Only having the vision to make it huge in an industry is one thing, but choosing to go under the grind, spare no effort and make every day count is a different thing altogether. People must always strive to belong to the latter category, believes ace YouTuber and artist influencer Matthew Rodriguez, aka TapWater, who says that after realizing one’s goals, one must never shy away from taking risks in life and give it their all in turning their visions into a beautiful reality. “Of course, the path to success has never been a cakewalk to anyone, but those who have stuck to their goals and determinedly moved forward have gone ahead in making strides in their industry, even amidst fierce competition,” says the incredible talent from Florida, the US.

Making it big in the digital realm, especially YouTube, which already is rocked by thousands of incredible YouTubers and creators, has been no easy game, but still, he was able to do that because A, he believed in his dreams and B, he knew he could achieve them through incessant hard work and perseverance. TapWater, however, also mentions that YouTube can get trickier if people fail to provide valuable content in their respective niches. Talking more about the same, he says,

“A combination of several creative aspects creates great content, but what really makes a good video story or content is first the honesty with which it has been created. Also, it must have an interesting plot, but most importantly, it should use an interesting way to demonstrate the same.”

Supporting that explanation with an example, TapWater (@tapwater) says that a content creator may create a story about the invention of cheese, but they must get the right person to tell the story to make it interesting and entertaining. Only creating something without valuable information may not do any good. It is essential for creators to create a story that can easily connect with the viewers.

With YouTube, TapWater believes he helps millions of people with his videos that are entertaining and all about spreading smiles, which are a great motivating factor to keep him going.

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