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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Julia Wang- An entrepreneur, a real estate broker, a social media influencer, a loving wife and a mother of two

Julia is an exceptional real estate broker, who uses the social media as a tool to reach modern crowd.

Julia Wang was born in Maryland on 20th January 1984, later she grew up in Dallas and schooled in Austin. A graduate of the University of Texas, Julia began her professional career in Marketing. But soon she realized that Real Estate was her destined career. Where she could collaborate her marketing and business skills with her passion for property. And ever since she has never looked back.

In 2020 Julia founded her very own Brokerage Agency called NextGen Real Estate, which is all about creativity, authenticity and innovation. The idea behind this agency was to redefine the norms of real estate, and elevate the experience by utilizing all aspects of technology including the social media channels and creating an online presence. She has former experience of working with and representing high end investors, builders and developers such as MC2 Architects, Dreamscape Modern, Timeline Construction Group, Imagine Modern Builders and many more. She has bought and sold hundreds of properties all over Houston, on behalf of her clients. Helped multiple first time buyers and families find their dream home.

In 2020 Julia was also voted #1Texas retailer on social media and Yahoo’s top agent to follow in 2020. She also claims it to be one of the most satisfying moments of her life. She believes in the power of social media and has found every single one of her agents from there. She also markets all her services on social media and makes it a point to make her presence known.

She also thinks that anyone can achieve success in real estate. She says, “The road may be full of ups and downs, it may be the worst at times, you may cry. But do not give-up and stop trying. Be creative in your approach and trust the process. Consider every failure as a learning curve and keep moving ahead.”

Apart from Real estate Julia is an influencer and uses her business and social media platforms to promote a number of philanthropic causes, including social inequality, mental health and breast cancer awareness. She truly is an icon for everyone.

Away from the rush of business she enjoys travelling, cooking, fashion, beauty and lifestyle, blogging/vlogging. She shares her home Wangsta’s paradise with her sweet family including her entrepreneur husband, two lovely children and their pet dog. In the future she sees herself retired, owning a juice bar and gardening every day. She is an inspiration we all must look up to.

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