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“I am deeply passionate about helping people lead fulfilling lives,” says Michael Timothy Johnson

Motivating yourself to achieve your goals can be substantially challenging. Hence sometimes, we have to reach out to motivational speakers to inspire ourselves. Michael Timothy Johnson is a well-known motivational speaker. A former personal banker, Johnson now works as a motivational speaker and consultant to men who are hoping to overhaul their lives.

In 2015 Johnson graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor’s in Finance and began his career in the same field. As a personal banker, Johnson worked with customers to customize their accounts to suit their needs. It was from this point that Johnson took the leap into the world of motivation and left his career in banking behind. He left the arena but retained the skills that he developed there, with him. He used his financial knowledge to invest in himself and launch his career as a motivational speaker. His previous experience in customizing bank accounts of bank customers gave him insight into examining and assessing other people’s needs. Johnson works specifically with men. Work which sees him advise them in enhancing their physique, mind, and financial situation. Johnson says of his motivational work, “I’m still in the business of investing in a way. It’s just that now I teach men how to invest in themselves and their future.”

Johnson currently offers his consultation services through Skype sessions, that people all over the world book via his website. He is a motivational speaker who emphasizes investing in yourself and enhancing your natural traits to reach success. Johnson’s website uses the imagery of a roaring tiger to promote his belief in the importance of the alpha mentality. The concept of thealpha mindset focuses on always playing the lead in the story of your life and harnessing your power. Johnson says, “The alpha male has a purpose. He has a mission that he wants to accomplish. That is where his power lies.”

Michael Timothy Johnson achieved a career change from banker to motivator. The switch in direction has highlighted that the skills needed to enhance your monetary wealth can also be applied to enhance your self-worth.

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