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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Volunteers are needed in New Brunswick to help with the health-care system

Volunteers are needed in New Brunswick's health-care system

Key Takeaways:

  • New Brunswick’s government has issued an emergency call for volunteers to help with the province’s pandemic response efforts.
  • Booster shots are now available in New Brunswick for people aged 18 and up who have had their second dose for at least five months.

The government of New Brunswick has issued an urgent call for volunteers to assist in the province’s pandemic response efforts.

According to the province, both paid and unpaid volunteer positions will be available.

“As expected, the Omicron variant of COVID-19 is causing more hospitalizations and staff absences, putting strain on all aspects of our healthcare system,” Health Minister Dorothy Shephard said.

“Anyone who can help with clinical or non-clinical work is encouraged to come forward.”

The clinical work includes the following:

Vaccination administration, COVID-19 testing, patient services, and personal support work.

The non-clinical work includes the following:

Clerical assistance, office administration, logistical assistance, data entry, customer service, and food preparation and delivery.

According to the province, specific training will be provided for the work, including health and safety training. Additionally, personal protective equipment will be provided.

Shephard said, “We need your help.” “If you have the experience that can help, please reach out to us, whether you are retired, non-practicing, or unlicensed.”

Anyone interested in volunteering must fillup an online form. Each volunteer will be contacted, but priority will be given to those who can help in the most critical areas.

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In Zone 6, the Bathurst region, public health reported 3 deaths linked to COVID-19 on Tuesday, 1 in their 50s and 2 in their 90s.

According to public health, there are 113 people in hospital as of Tuesday, 15 of whom are in intensive care.

59 people are currently in the hospital for reasons other than COVID-19.

347 healthcare workers who have tested positive for the virus are currently being isolated, according to public health.

Among those admitted to the hospital:

  • 67 percent of the 15 patients in the ICU are either unvaccinated, partially vaccinated, or have missed their second dose by more than six months.
  • 85 of the COVID-19 patients in hospitals are over the age of 60.
  • Four people are using a ventilator.
  • Two people under the age of 19 have been admitted to the hospital.

“People who didn’t take the vaccine or who are more than six months past their second dose continue to be disproportionately affected by the rate of people admitted to hospitals and admitted to intensive care units.” The COVID-19 dashboard “displays information on the rates of cases and hospitalizations based on vaccination status, the age and origin of new cases, and other data,” according to a public health release.

Volunteers are needed in New Brunswick's health-care system
Volunteers are needed in New Brunswick’s health-care system. image from Nature


More than 37,600 consultations for a COVID-19 booster dose have been scheduled since Monday, January 10.

According to health officials, more than 19,000 appointments are available between now and January 31. Pharmacies also have nearly 44,000 doses for their COVID-19 clinics.

In New Brunswick, booster shots are now available to anyone aged 18 and up who has had their second dose for at least five months.

Appointments for vaccination clinics run by the Vitalité and Horizon health networks can be made online. Call 1-833-437-1424 if you cannot book an appointment online or require assistance.


ACCORDING TO HEALTH OFFICIALS, the COVID-19 online dashboard has been upgraded to involve both PCR and rapid-test results.

Under the provincial govt’s testing strategy, people with COVID-19 symptoms must register online for a PCR or rapid test. Those who got a positive rapid-test result should submit it online via the self-reporting web portal.

Source: CTV News

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