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The lifting of COVID-19 restrictions has received mixed reviews in New Brunswick

The lifting of COVID-19 restrictions has elicited mixed reactions in New Brunswick.

Key takeawasy:

  • In New Brunswick, the days of masking up and maintaining physical distance are over, and the public has mixed feelings about it.
  • For example, the YMCA in Fredericton will have masks for at least part of the day.

The days of masking up and physical distance are over in New Brunswick, and the public has mixed feelings about it.

“I’m not sure, but I’ll stick to the previous rules.” Teo Scrynatka said, “I think everyone has to decide what’s OK and what’s not OK.”

Many people are relieved that the COVID-19 mandatory order is no longer in effect. On March 14, it was lifted.

On Tuesday, Global News spoke with several people who were out and about in Saint John and Fredericton about their reactions to the lifting of restrictions across the province.

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“It’s a thrilling prospect for everyone.” Danessa Polluck said, “Our family had it, so we don’t have any major concerns.”

“I’m looking forward to it.” Megan McIntyre said, “I’m ready to free the face.”

“It’s fine with me.” “Everyone has a choice, and I believe that is the case,” Rhonda MacInnis said.

Jennifer Lutes, a licensed practical nurse, believes it’s too soon.

“People… a mask is a simple thing. On Tuesday, she said, “Wear it.” “It hasn’t been lifted in other provinces….” I’m all for living your life to the fullest. But wash your hands, put on a mask, and do what you can.”

“I’m still hiding behind my mask.” It is undoubtedly beneficial to business, and it is pleasing to see people out and about. However, I believe we must exercise caution. “Just because we say it’s over doesn’t mean it is,” Shelley Rinehart explained.

“I’ve been COVID-free, had all my inoculations,” Vince Rourke said. “I think I’ll always wear my mask shopping, in malls, and stuff like that.” “I only wear it when I go shopping, which is what I’m doing right now.”

“It feels good not to rely on it, and I think it feels good for the province to feel secure enough to do that,” Lee Cormier said.

The lifting of COVID-19 restrictions has elicited mixed reactions in New Brunswick.
The lifting of COVID-19 restrictions has elicited mixed reactions in New Brunswick. Image from Global News

While the personal choice may be the norm now, Dr. Jennifer Russell, New Brunswick’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, said people should continue to use all available COVID-19 protection measures.

“We have educated the public about the tools in their toolkit that they can continue to use and that we encourage them to use on an individual basis moving forward.” Masking is still extremely important. We are distancing on a physical level. It’s critical to wash your hands. When you’re sick, stay at home and get vaccinated and tested. We will continue to provide testing services. “That is not going to change,” she stated on Monday.

The YMCA in Fredericton, for example, will keep masks on hand for at least part of the day.

“We’re asking our members to wear masks for 90 minutes from 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.,” CEO Darcy Delaney explained.

According to Delaney, many people at the YMCA are like-minded, and they recognize that some of their members are susceptible to COVID-19 and may prefer a more mask-friendly environment.

“All we’re asking is for everyone to make a little room for those 90 minutes each day and be respectful of some of the other members here,” he said.

Source: Global News

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