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Pillar Community Innovation Awards winners have been announced in London

Key takeaways:

  • On Thursday evening, the 15th Pillar Community Innovation Awards were held electronically.
  • The awards ceremony was launched up by Zahra Habib, a local D.J. and community organiser.

The 15th Pillar Community Innovation Awards took place electronically on Thursday evening, honouring “individuals, organisations, and businesses engaged in good community impact in our region.”

The 12 finalists this year are trying to address issues such as food hunger, equity and inclusion, health care access, anti-human trafficking, and more.

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“These candidates have prioritised the safety and well-being of the most vulnerable and historically marginalised in our communities while responding to pressing needs.” Pillar Nonprofit Network executive director Mojdeh Cox remarked, “They have prioritised belonging, justice, and dignity for all.”

“They’re performing transformational work.” They have a vision of the future they want to live in, and they act on it in real-time.”

A panel of volunteers chose the winners in five categories:

  • The London Muslim Mosque Community Support Program, which provides financial support to community members in need, is an example of community innovation.
  • Leroy Hibbert for his continued anti-racism work in the community.
  • Elyssa Rose, coordinator of Atlohsa Family Healing Services’ Okaadenige anti-human trafficking programme.
  • Health Outreach Mobile Engagement (H.O.M.E.) is a community collaboration that provides health and social services to persons experiencing homelessness or housing instability.
  • For his continued support of the Nepali community, Jyoti Vaidya most recently led a campaign to decrease barriers to information and access to the COVID-19 vaccination.

Zahra Habib, a local D.J. host and community organiser, kicked off the awards ceremony.

Samantha Whiteye, a community leader, gave a welcoming and accountable message to the land, virtually accompanied by nature photographs.

Local singer Travae Williams performed “uplifting songs of transformation, resilience, and optimism throughout the ceremonies.”

Source: Global News

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