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Monday, May 29, 2023

Numerous people attend the Atlantic Nationals auto show in Moncton

Thousands of people attend the Atlantic Nationals car show in Moncton.

Key Takeaways:

  • Visitors from throughout both Canada and the United States attend the largest auto show in Atlantic Canada. More than 2,400 automobiles were registered for the weekend.

The Atlantic Nationals are back in action.

The largest car exhibition in Atlantic Canada draws attendees across Canada and the United States. For the weekend, more than 2,400 cars were registered.

“The show was good. There is a lot of enthusiasm here. Many different, pretty gorgeous new automobiles. We divided the show into two this year. Bill Doherty, the head of the Atlantic Nationals, said, “We created an older car segment and a newer car section, which assists promote the hobby to all classes.

Through Sunday, thousands of people came to see the historic automobiles, new fast cars, and classic hot rods.

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The show was trimmed back the last two years, and because of COVID-19, it will only run for three days in 2021. According to Doherty, the epidemic made for some fascinating developments.

He stated that to minimize cash exchange and reduce the number of gathering spots, “We’ve switched to an online registration style, and we have a point of sale machines at the entry.”

According to Doherty, the customary dance took place outside. In addition, the two years have given people time to complete automotive projects or even purchase new vehicles in front of this year’s event.

During the COVID closure, “many cars were constructed, and many more were bought,” according to Doherty.

Thousands of people attend the Atlantic Nationals car show in Moncton.
Thousands of people attend the Atlantic Nationals car show in Moncton. Image from CBC News

Owner of the Radical Speed Sports car exhibition, Joe Savoie, noted that several exhibits this year had experienced significant attendance and an infusion of meticulously constructed vehicles with unique features and engines.

“Here, it’s the same,” he remarked. The crowds are fantastic. Cars are excellent. There is a lot of new material, which we are viewing at many performances. People have been eager to return to their previous activities over the past two or three years, and it’s been terrific.

Although fans are ready to return, he noted there are still obstacles, such as ensuring that star visitors make it to the concerts – with airlines being severely impacted by the surge in travel demand.

Even though there are still issues to iron out, Doherty said it’s nice to be back.

We are all car fans, but my team and I have concluded that the Atlantic Nationals is more than just a car show; it is a significant economic engine for the city of Moncton, the surrounding area, and the Atlantic provinces as a whole.

Source: Global News

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