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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

New Brunswickers are preparing for Acadian Day celebrations

Acadian Day events are begun in New Brunswick.

Key Takeaways:

  • In New Brunswick, a weekend of celebrations is being held before the national Acadian Day on August 15.
  • One of the events this year in Caraquet is the important Acadian Festival (Festival Acadien), which will be hosted there for the 60th straight year.
  • From Saturday through Monday, the Sortie branchée en Acadie, a distinct festival, will be held at the botanical gardens in Edmundston.

A weekend of festivities is living held in New Brunswick in anticipation of the national Acadian Day on August 15.

The occasion serves to highlight the Acadian language, culture, and history. The first national Acadian convention at Memramcook, New Brunswick, where it was first observed, occurred in 1881.

The Canadian government enacted the National Acadian Day Act in 2003.

Since then, Acadians have celebrated the day with parades, food festivals, and performances in New Brunswick as well as throughout the Maritimes.

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A significant Acadian Festival (Festival Acadien) in Caraquet is one of the activities this year and will be held there for the 60th consecutive year.

The festival kicked off on August 5, with concerts occurring daily throughout the city, with the main schedule being held on Monday.

Service at the Sanctuary of Sainte-Anne-du-Bocage will kick off Acadian Day in Caraquet, which will then feature several performances by Acadian and French artists at the Old Convent. The festival website has further information on the schedule.

For Acadian Day in the past, Caraquet has also staged a sizable Tintamarre or parade-like festival. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and also other dignitaries have previously attended.

Acadian Day events are begun in New Brunswick.
Acadian Day events are begun in New Brunswick. Image from CBC News

On August 15, there will be a sizable celebration in Dieppe, which calls itself “the largest Acadian city in the world,” at the MusiquART location on Notre Dame Street. The events include a Tintamarre, music, bounce houses, and decorating stations.

Between August 12 and August 20, Moncton will play host to the Acadie Rock event, which features Acadian rock musicians. On the festival’s website, you may find additional information.

Sortie branchée en Acadie, a different festival, will take place at the botanical gardens at Edmundston from Saturday through Monday.

Rendez-vous Acadien in Petit-Rocher, which will start the celebrations with Acadian pastries and dances, will allow those in the Chaleur area to observe Acadian Day.

Details about further activities taking place across the province are accessible here.

Source: Global News

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