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N.B.’s growing 74K-person doctor waiting list

In N.B. number of people on the doctor's queue has risen to 74,000.

Key Takeaways:

  • Patients on the Patient Connect List in New Brunswick have been growing recently; the number reached 63,000 in June and is now growing more.
  • Spracklin claims that there is no way she will be able to receive postoperative treatment, even if she has surgery.

According to the Department of Health, the number of patients on New Brunswick’s Patient Connect List has increased recently, reaching 63,000 in June and increasing once more.

There are presently more than 74,000 persons in the province waiting list for a family physician.

About six months ago, Mike and Laura Weinrauch relocated from Kentucky to Ontario before arriving in New Brunswick. Right once, they put their names on the list for a doctor.

They continue to wait.

The waiting list scenario rather caught us off guard, said Laura Weinrauch. We did our research and were aware that there would be difficulties, but I don’t believe we anticipated it would take so long.

The two, who currently reside just outside of Fredericton, are in good health, but it is stressful not to have a family doctor.

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We hesitated before riding a bike, skiing, or even getting behind the wheel of a car; she remarked, “because, what if?

“It has reduced our quality of life a little bit, just from the fear of, ‘What if I get wounded today?'” What if my appendix explodes today? or anything similar? similar things

The family can wait, according to Mike Weinrauch, but someday the wait will have to end. He specifically stated that he is interested in learning about the list’s approach.

Both of them are sceptical of the politics involved.

Laura responded, “Whose duty is it, and just quit going back and forth.” “Take action because what they are saying to us is false. By the end of the year, we won’t have a nurse practitioner or general practitioner.

During an interview with CBC News on April 14, 2021, former health minister Dorothy Shephard stated that she would have every patient on the list registered with a physician or nurse practitioner within six months. Shephard failed to meet his timetable.

Since 2016, Tanya Spracklin has been a member of the list.

In N.B. number of people on the doctor's queue has risen to 74,000.
In N.B. number of people on the doctor’s queue has risen to 74,000. Image from CBC News

She said that during that time, she underwent a significant operation without receiving any follow-up care, found a breast lump and could not schedule routine screenings, and realized she had abnormal cells in her uterus and needed a hysterectomy.

She recalled an appointment at a walk-in clinic: “She said every three months I wait, the chances it evolves into cancer climb 35%.”

Even if she undergoes surgery, according to Spracklin, there is no chance she will be able to receive postoperative care. She occasionally has no choice but to go to the emergency room, which can result in lengthy waits.

She continued, “I’m now taking anxiety medications as a result, which I can’t get refilled half the time, either.” Even though the ER started me on those medications, every time I visit, they tell me it’s the last time they can provide them to me and that I couldn’t get refills elsewhere.

It’s all so daunting, she remarked.

She responded, “I simply want the healthcare system corrected.

Source: Global News

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