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Lifeguard shortage caused by shortage of certified lifeguards during pandemic

Lifeguard shortage caused by lack of certification during the epidemic

Key Takeaways:

  • A representative of the city of Toronto claims that a shortage of certification programs is to blame for the industry-wide shortage of lifeguards in Canada.
  • Many local government officials and entrepreneurs attribute the COVID-19 pandemic to a lack of certification programs that blame for the current scarcity.

According to a Toronto city official, the industry-wide scarcity of lifeguards in Canada results from a lack of certification programs.

According to Aydin Sarrafzadeh, interim director of management services for parks, forestry, and recreation for the City of Toronto, “the key contributor to this issue is a couple of years of lack of certification programs, where the industry hasn’t been able to keep up with the development,” CTV News Channel reported on Friday.

Cities around the nation and in North America are citing a lifeguard shortage as having an impact on their summer operations.

Numerous local authorities and businesspeople blame the COVID-19 pandemic on a lack of certification programs for the current scarcity.

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Although the training gap is not recent, some claim COVID-19 has worsened things.

In Toronto, there are over 1,000 lifeguards on duty to watch over beaches, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, and wading ponds that require additional assistance.

The city reported having roughly 700 lifeguards on duty as of June 22 to watch over all 55 of the city’s outdoor and indoor swimming pools as well as up to 10 beaches this season.

However, the city had to cancel 169 swimming lessons due to a lack of swim teachers, which harmed about 1,140 participants.

Lifeguard shortage caused by lack of certification during the epidemic
Lifeguard shortage caused by lack of certification during the epidemic. Image from The Fortune

Mandatory certification and recertification programs were suspended due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the city stated on June 22.

The city, according to Sarrafzadeh, has opened and staffed all of its outdoor assets while also working to re-certify as many individuals as possible and swiftly hire and train new applicants.

Other sports, like soccer, also face the effects of fewer officials being available.

Source: CTV News

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