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First time in two years, the Wood Buffalo Food Bank is hosting a major food drive

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  • In the spring of 2020, when flooding struck havoc on Fort McMurray, Canadians rallied to help the community in every way they could.

When flooding wreaked havoc on Fort McMurray in the spring of 2020, Canadians rallied to assist the community in every way they could.

The Wood Buffalo Food Bank’s executive director, Dan Edwards, remarked, “We had 700,000 pounds of food come up to us.”

“We were able to drive that wave of 700,000 pounds to carry us through those periods when we couldn’t have a food drive,” she says.

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The supply is now running out. When you add in additional waves of COVID-19, the number of people who rely on the food bank continues to rise.

“Then we relocated,” Edwards added, “so now we’re kind of getting comfortable, and we’re in a situation where we can organize a food drive again.”

The food bank held its inaugural food drive in 2019 this past weekend.

They attempted to hold one last Christmas season, but due to a lack of volunteers, they could only raise about 8,000 pounds of food. Their target for this weekend was 80,000 pounds.

“To carry this event off, we need roughly 600 volunteers,” Edwards added.

Wood Buffalo Food Bank hosts first major food drive in 2 years

“AHS has collaborated with us to ensure that we can continue to operate, remain available as an emergency service, and engage with volunteers.”

According to Edwards, this service is critical for the community, who added that the food bank generally distributes 600 hampers per month and is on track to meet that demand.

According to Edwards, supply chain problems resulting from the crisis in B.C. haven’t yet impacted the food bank. He does note, though, that it may only be a matter of weeks until patients experience the effects.

“There are a few additional shortages.” The turkey shortage has been an issue, and there is now a pasta deficit… However, those were brought about by other circumstances.”

On the other hand, Edwards hopes to assist B.C. in some way once they’re back to normal.

“When we were in difficulties with the fires and the flooding, everyone around the country came out to assist us,” he remarked.

“We want to be able to give back, but we also need to be able to look after ourselves for the time being.”

Source: Global News

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