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COVID-19 booster eligibility for New Brunswickers has been expanded

Expanded COVID-19 booster eligibility is welcomed by New Brunswickers

Key takeaways:

  • Caitlyn Chatterton, 26, says she’ll book an appointment in New Brunswick first thing Monday morning.
  • Because New Brunswick is behind the rest of the country, Lodge says they’ve been watching the 3rd dose rollout with interest.

Caitlyn Chatterton, 26, says she’ll go online first thing Monday morning to book an appointment in New Brunswick.

That’s when New Brunswick will broaden its eligibility for COVID-19 booster doses, making appointments available to anyone aged 18 and up who hasn’t had their second shot in at least 5 months.

“I’m so prepared,” she declares. “I’ll do everything I can to keep myself safe from this.”

Chatterton claims that the first and second doses gave her peace of mind with only minor side effects.

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“It provides me a sense of relief to know that I’m not making people sick.”

One person, in particular, remains at the forefront of her mind.

“I have an elderly grandmother who lives alone, and I wasn’t able to hug her for about seven months, which was extremely difficult,” she explains.

“As the vaccine became more widely available, we were able to reconnect and see each other again.” This is very nice.”

Reid Lodge, 30, of Fredericton, is similar up Route 7.

Expanded COVID-19 booster eligibility is welcomed by New Brunswickers
Expanded COVID-19 booster eligibility is welcomed by New Brunswickers. Image from CBC

“I’m ecstatic that we’re finally qualified.”

Lodge asserts they’ve been observing the 3rd dose rollout in New Brunswick with interest because the province is behind the rest of the country. Experts believe this is for the best, as the Omicron variant makes other vulnerable residents even more vulnerable.

COVID-19 has spread like wildfire in New Brunswick, sending its population soaring. On Saturday, an all-time high of 80 hospitalizations was reported.

Those figures, according to Lodge, have them worried about taking a chance — even with this latest shot.

“Once the booster is in me and has had a chance to work,” Lodge says, “I’ll definitely feel good.”

Officials further appealed to residents to schedule appointments at Friday’s provincial briefing.

“As difficult as our current situation is, it would be much, much worse without vaccines,” stated “Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jennifer Russell.

Source: Global News

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