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Monday, February 26, 2024

A couple from Moncton has been shaken by an alleged road rage incident

Couple in Moncton shaken by alleged road rage incident

Key takeaways:

  • After what started out as a simple car trip, Danielle Furlong and Logan Knowles of Moncton were covered in shards of glass from their passenger window.

Danielle Furlong and Logan Knowles of Moncton were covered in shards of glass from their passenger window after what began as a simple car trip.

Furlong said they noticed the passenger in the car behind them exit his car angrily after merging onto Trinity Drive from Mapleton Road, a busy intersection even without the added traffic from Christmas shoppers.

“I rolled down my window because I was thinking, ‘OK, I’m not sure if he’s coming to yell at us or what.’ “He didn’t even bother to try to open the door or knock on the window,” Furlong said.

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“His foot rose, and he kicked the window open. He simply walked back to their car, and the two of them drove away. No one came over to see if we were OK.”

Furlong’s first reaction was to grab their cat and pick the glass shards out of her fur while Knowles drove the car to a nearby parking lot.

Fortunately, Knowles’ only injuries were minor ones to his hands.

“There was no prior animosity or resentment.” “This wasn’t a planned act of rage; it was just a random act of unplanned rage,” Knowles said.

Both shaken by the fact that the alleged incident occurred in broad daylight, they contacted the police, who informed them that locating the perpetrator would be difficult.

The Codiac RCMP confirmed this information to Global News.

The cost of repairing the window has a significant impact on their finances as students.

“I have another vehicle appointment coming up that I’m going to have to cancel.” That’s for car repairs, which I’m going to have to cancel because I can’t afford them right now,” Furlong explained.

Despite the fact that the incident has put the young couple on edge, Furlong is urging people to be patient with one another during these trying times.

“I just think it’s critical that people be kind to one another, especially at this time.” “We’re all in this together.”

Source: Global News

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