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Thursday, November 30, 2023

11 new members have been added to the New Brunswick Fire Department

New members have joined the New Brunswick Fire Department

Key takeaways:

  • Norman Daniels, one of 11 men who joined the New Brunswick Fire Department on Friday, took the oath of allegiance.
  • Daniels and ten other firefighters are joining a fire department with a long history of service dating back to its founding in 1764.

Norman Daniels, one of 11 men who took the oath of allegiance to join the New Brunswick Fire Department on Friday, proudly displayed his new badge attached to the chest of his well-pressed uniform.

Daniels’ path to the graduation ceremony began when he was in kindergarten or first grade – he can’t remember which year it was because it’s been so long.

In any case, it was during that class excursion to the firehouse when this tiny kid raised his head to the firefighters and announced his desire to be one of them one day.

Daniels recognized Friday’s ceremony was a dream come true when he glanced back at a photo from that day, which showed a cheerful toddler wearing an oversized New Brunswick Fire Department helmet atop his head.

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“Firefighters have always motivated me,” Daniels remarked. “I’ve seen what they do in the neighborhood. I’ve seen those before. 

When I was a youngster, I lived not far from the fire station, so they always rode past my house, and I always wanted to follow them. As a result, they’ve always inspired me.”

Daniels and ten other firefighters are joining a fire department with a long history of service dating back to its founding in 1764.

The First Platoon has been allocated to Daniels, Michael Ludvigsen, and Jonathan Mora. The Second Platoon will include Eric Mejia-Perez, Joshua Jones, and William Borke Jr. The Third Platoon has been allocated to John Vanliew, Jonathan Wolff, and Frank Serge. Fillip Pellicane and Mark Thompson will join the Fourth Platoon.

Director Robert Rawls commented, “This was one of the greatest groups we’ve ever had, and we’ve had a lot of wonderful groups.” “We keep improving, and that’s exactly what we’re intended to do.” 

I just wanted to give them all a shout-out because they’re all incredible, and we can’t wait to see what they’ll bring to the New Brunswick Fire Department.”

Each of the 11 new members swore an oath to serve the city and answered a call to keep the citizens safe and secure.

They’re proud men like Vanliew, who served halfway around the world for seven months.

He said, “I feel like I’ve always had a calling for service.” “In 2011, I served in the Marine Corps and deployed to Afghanistan.” My uncle used to be a firefighter in Edison, and my cousin is currently a firefighter there.”

Mora, the son of Ecuadorian immigrants who recently graduated from Middlesex College, is one.

“I’ve always enjoyed assisting others,” he remarked. “I’ve never been sure what I want to do with my life, but I recently returned to college to pursue a psychology degree.” 

New Brunswick Fire Department Adds 11 New Members
New Brunswick Fire Department Adds 11 New Members. Image from Tapinto.

I know I enjoy assisting others. I am a first-generation American born and raised in the United States. I knew I wanted to contribute, and firefighting has always piqued my interest since I was in high school.”

The 11 new firefighters had to go through 14 weeks of training, which typically began at 6:30 a.m. with hard physical activities. Because there was a test every Friday and two pop quizzes throughout the week, they had to study diligently.

Each one claimed that the journey had brought them closer together as brothers.

It’s a beautiful ending to a dream come true for Daniels.

When he was a kid, they put helmet No. 82 on his head when he went to the fire station. (Each firefighter is assigned a number by which he can be identified.) Director Rawls was able to secure him a permanent assignment to No. 82.

“It’s a weird sensation,” Daniels added. “I’ve always imagined myself in this circumstance. ‘I hope I can acquire that number,’ I’ve kind of speaking it into existence. 

I’m hoping to get that phone number.’ And, coincidentally, the person who held the number before me retired while I was going through the training procedure. 

The fact that the director set aside that number for me was a blessing. I’m grateful for the opportunity to obtain the number. It will be like if your fantasies come true.”

Source: TAP into New Brunswick

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