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Erika Aguilar Financial Influencer To Watch

It takes a lot more than everyone sees behind being an entrepreneur. It takes courage to build oneself capable and worthy of the dreams one sees. Often people give up but some who don’t are the real hustlers. One such person is Erika Aguilar who did it all for her dreams. 

Erika grew up in a small town called Wasco CA. The inspiration behind an entrepreneur has come from her parents. Her parents taught her to work hard and chase dreams. “The most is seeing what I’ve been able to accomplish without any background in running a business, as I’m entering my 5th year as an entrepreneur in the insurance industry I feel like I’m entering a different league, I’m excited for the growth that’s coming as now I know more than I did before”, Erika remarked.

Erika’s work profile

The PHP agency does life insurance, annuities, financial planning, debt settlement and they teach new agents how to become prolific insurance agents. Erika works hard, personally developing herself, expanding her network and building great relationships with people. Also, Erika teaches financial concepts that will help them prepare for the future. She also protects their assets and their family from financial disaster in case an unexpected death or illness were to happen.

Here is how Erika overcame the struggles

“I believe all you need is one person to believe and support you, it can be a friend, a mentor, a family member. In my case, I’m so blessed to have parents who never discouraged me and poured belief onto me. They’ve been my biggest reason to move forward and to never forget my vision”, said Erika.

Things that make Erika different from the industry

 “I’m in a business where being authentic and genuine stands out. I’d say carrying these characteristics and adding work ethic with a hint of competitiveness and desire to win and be number one is what’s helped me create a name for myself. Building a culture and an environment in which others can win and see their dreams and goals be achieved, selfishness has no seat at the table of success. The only way to rise is by helping others rise with you”, Erika said.

Plans that Erika has for PHP Agency

“The only way I’ve been doing this far, working hard, personally developing, expanding my network and building great relationships with people. Never forgetting where I came from and having God above all in my life and of course my family”, Erika remarked.

You can follow Erika’s journey on Instagram at @erika__tco

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