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With 2 more deaths, NB total death count reached at 300

With 2 additional deaths, the overall death toll in NB has surpassed 300

Key Takeaways:

  • Two persons died of COVID-19 in New Brunswick over the long weekend of Family Day, but hospitalizations for the condition remained constant.
  • Since Friday, 1,148 people have been found to be positive using PCR, and 2,572 people have been found to be positive via at-home rapid testing.

Over the long weekend of Family Day in New Brunswick, two people died with COVID-19, while hospitalizations for the disease remained stable.

According to an update on the govt of New Brunswick’s COVID-19 dashboard, 300 individuals have died in the province due to the pandemic since it began.

The number of persons admitted to hospitals with COVID-19 has remained constant at 78. According to the dashboard, 32 of them are in hospitals with COVID-19, whereas 46 are in hospitals for COVID-19.

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At eight, the number of persons in intensive care has remained the same, while three people are on ventilators, down from five on Friday.

Following a statement last week that updates will not be offered on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays, the province hasn’t issued any COVID-19 information since Friday.

The statistics are also the first since Premier Blaine Higgs shifted New Brunswick to Level 1 of the COVID-19 winter plan immediately before midnight on Friday night, loosening gathering size and business occupancy rules.

A breakdown of the figures

An individual in their 70s in Zone 3, the Fredericton region, as well as a person in their 80s in Zone 2, the Saint John region, were the two persons who died most recently.

A person in their 40s, two individuals in their 60s, four in their 70s, and one in their 80s are among those in ICU with COVID.

The dashboard also displays a breakdown of hospitalized patients by age group, but it does not distinguish between those in hospitals with COVID and those who are because of COVID.

With 2 additional deaths, the overall death toll in NB has surpassed 300
With 2 additional deaths, the overall death toll in NB has surpassed 300. Image from CBC News

Five are in their twenties, four in their thirties, three in their forties, six in their fifties, nine in their sixties, 21 in their seventies, 16 in their eighties, and six in their nineties.

Since Friday, 1,148 people have been tested positive using PCR, and 2,572 people have tested positive via at-home quick tests.

“The counts presented are based on information obtained by the Department of Health and are not meant to reflect the entire number of cases in the province.”

Because of the high number of new cases caused by the Omicron wave, the Department of Health began reserving lab-based PCR testing for the elderly and at-risk populations. In contrast, the rest of the population relied on at-home quick tests.

If a quick test results in a positive result, the person must regard it as a confirmed positive and isolate it for at least five days.

The province’s active case count is 3,313, based only on PCR-confirmed testing.

Source: Global News

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