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N.B. reported 93 new Covid-19 Cases with 3 deaths

Key takeaways:

  • Three additional New Brunswick residents have died as a result of COVID-19, and 93 more have been infected.
  • Inbound travelers must also take an arrival test after arriving in Canada and wait for the results at a designated hotel. 

3 more New Brunswickers have died as a result of COVID-19, and 93 more people have been infected, according to Public Health.

COVID-19 has claimed the lives of two people aged 70 to 79 in the Moncton region, Zone 1, and another person aged 80 to 89 in the Saint John region, Zone 2.

Their deaths bring the total number of people who have died due to the epidemic to 128.

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A ventilator is used by 12 of the 15 persons in intensive care. Premier Blaine Higgs says that’s up from eight on Tuesday.

There are 67 individuals in the hospital; two of them are under the age of 19. With outbreaks at the Moncton Hospital, Saint John Regional Hospital, and Miramichi Regional Hospital, twenty-seven patients caught the virus while already in the hospital for another cause.

81.7 percent of eligible New Brunswickers are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, unchanged from last year, and 86.8% have taken their first dose, up from 86.7 percent.

Because the province has begun to include children aged five to 11 in its immunization figures, this is down from 88 percent and 93.8 percent on Sunday.

In the province, there are 8 travelers from omicron variant-barred nations.

About eight patients have self-isolated in Novel Brunswick after traveling from southern Africa, where a new, perhaps more transmissible COVID-19 strain has been detected.

According to Health Minister Dorothy Shephard, officials from Canada Border Services notified the province about the ten countries subject to federal travel restrictions.

She told reporters, “We’re able to monitor them and have them isolating.” She didn’t say where she was going.

When asked if any of the people had tested positive for COVID-19, Shephard said she didn’t get the information until Wednesday morning and still doesn’t have the “whole data.”

She added, “They’re being followed up on.”

N.B. COVID-19 roundup: 93 new cases, 3 deaths

Foreign nationals who had been via South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho, Eswatini, or Mozambique in the previous 14 days were forbidden from entering Canada on Nov. 26. Nigeria, Malawi, and Egypt were added to the list of nations with travel restrictions on Tuesday.

Citizens and permanent residents of Canada are permitted to return home, but they must first obtain a COVID test in the nation through which they connect on their journey to Canada.

Inbound travelers must also take an arrival test after arriving in Canada and wait for the results at a designated hotel. If the test is negative, the returning travelers will be placed in quarantine for a mandated 14-day stay in their home country. They would also be forced to take a “day eight” test on the eighth day of the quarantine.

In addition, anyone who arrived in Canada from southern Africa in the 14 days leading up to Nov. 26 must receive a COVID-19 test as away, even if they are asymptomatic. While they wait for the results, they must quarantine at home.

Last week, the highly modified form was discovered in South Africa, and it has been connected to an increase in cases there. The WHO issued a warning on Monday that the global risk of omicron is “extremely high.”

“In contrast to prior [variants of concern], preliminary research on omicron suggests both potential immune evasion and increased transmissibility, which might lead to subsequent surges with grave repercussions.”

There are 676 active cases.

The province’s active case number is 676, up from 667, thanks to 93 additional COVID-19 cases verified Wednesday and 82 more recoveries.

The following is a list of the new cases:

Zone 1 in the Moncton region has 24 cases.

Fifteen of the cases are being investigated, eight are contacts of already confirmed cases, and one is a travel-related incident.

Zone 2 in Saint John has 26 cases.

Thirteen of these cases are currently being investigated, and thirteen are contacts of already verified cases.

Zone 3 – 28 instances in the Fredericton region.

Twenty-three of these cases are being investigated, with five of them being contacts of previously confirmed cases.

Six cases from Campbellton’s Zone 5

Three of these instances are currently being investigated, while the other three are contacts of previously verified cases.

Nine cases in Miramichi’s Zone 7

Three of these cases are being investigated, and six are contacts of cases already confirmed.

During the pandemic, there were 8,411 confirmed COVID-19 cases in New Brunswick, with 7,606 recoveries.

There have been 561,383 tests so far, with 1,596 on Tuesday.

Source: CBC News

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