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In Fredericton, a new mental health centre has opened to help first responders

To assist first responders, a new mental health centre has opened in Fredericton.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Newly Institute, located on Fredericton’s north side, is a new private, for-profit hospital specializing in rehabilitating first responders.
  • According to Tim Peterson, president, and CEO of WorkSafe NB, the clinic will participate in a trial project with the organization.

People look to first responders in times of distress.

Those first responders will now have a resource to turn to if they have mental health concerns while on the job.

The Newly Institute is a new private, for-profit facility on Fredericton’s north side specializing in treating first responders.

Its goal is to use a tailored strategy to address a gap in the public health system. First responders, veterans, healthcare personnel, addiction treatment, and Canadians struggling with trauma, addiction, and pain can benefit from these initiatives. It places a strong emphasis on PTSD, as well as other mental diseases.

“If you went to the ER with chest pain, you wouldn’t even be told, ‘Oh, here’s a pamphlet for a physiotherapist for one pain and also here’s an aspirin in case it’s cardiac, here’s a tummy pill in case it’s your stomach, and that will all take care of you and also have a good day,'” said Dr. Rob Tanguay, the clinic’s chief medical officer.

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“You would be treated properly by being diagnosed, having testing done to figure out what it is, and then being treated properly.”

He believes that the basic method of diagnosing and treating physical sickness is often lacking in diagnosing and treating mental illness.

“There is no evidence-based protocol or approach, and we tend to think that’s OK, and we’re attempting to alter that to treating mental health as if it were any other component of medicine.”

Tanguay stated that the flagship clinic in Calgary is only the second facility in the country.

There is scant evidence on how many first responders encounter mental health concerns; nevertheless, the Centre for Suicide Prevention reports that first responders in all occupations are twice as likely as other Canadians to experience post-traumatic stress disorder.

“It’s not just about treating the psychiatric disease,” he explained, “but also about enhancing function as well as looking at long-term consequences.” “We want to increase resiliency.”

As per WorkSafe NB’s president and CEO, Tim Peterson, the clinic will perform a trial project with the organization.

To assist first responders, a new mental health centre has opened in Fredericton.
To assist first responders, a new mental health centre has opened in Fredericton. Image from iHeartRadio

He noted that mental health claims have fast become one of the organization’s most concerned areas, with more claims falling into that category.

“Concerning these claims, we’re beginning to focus on a couple of really significant items that we think are important.” “It’s all about seeing problems early,” Peterson explained.

The organization has chosen a few individuals who it believes may benefit from the clinic’s services.

“They have the at-risk elements,” Peterson said, “and we believe Rob and his team can greatly influence early on.” “The more we can pave the way for others, the better.”

Chief Roger Brown of the Fredericton Police Force said the clinic is a positive step toward ensuring first responders get the care they need, especially given how tough it can be to overcome stigma.

“We’ve done a plenty in the past to speak about mental health and a lot to get people to help, promote awareness, and get out of the stigma,” Brown said during the clinic’s grand opening. “However, the question arises what’s next, but this is what’s next,” Brown said.

According to him, this will be a vital service for his members.

“Incredible. Accessible. Immediate. According to statistics, the longer you’re out of work, the more difficult it is to get back to work.”

Source: CTV News

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