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Thursday, November 30, 2023

In a weekly update, N.B. reported nearly 3,900 positive PCR tests

In a weekly update, there were roughly 3,900 positive PCR tests.

Key Takeaways:

  • Additional Brunswick announces nine new COVID-19-related deaths and over 4,000 new positive PCR tests in its most recent weekly update.
  • According to the province’s most recent weekly bulletin, 124 of the 3,888 new cases identified by PCR testing were in children under ten.

In its most recent weekly update, Additional Brunswick reports nine new COVID-19-related deaths and approximately 4,000 new positive PCR tests.

The number of hospitalizations climbed from 12 to 78 for the week of March 27 to April 2. ICU now has nine patients, up from four previously.

3,888 lab-based PCR results, as well as 4,782 self-reported fast test results, were among the new positive tests discovered this week.

New Brunswick is likewise altering how COVID-19 data is reported.

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The Department of Public Health has established a new website, which will provide weekly updates. The province will only report hospitalizations of those hospitalized for COVID to “match with reporting procedures in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador.”

In other words, persons who got COVID-19 in the hospital or tested positive while being admitted for another cause will not be included in the data.

“The number of patients on ventilators and hospital employees out of work due to COVID-19 will no longer be published by Public Health,” the province observed, “but such numbers will be accessible from the regional health authorities.”

“These adjustments align with standard communicable disease surveillance and reporting.” Continuing updates will highlight the dangers of severe disease as the province adjusts to living with COVID-19.”

In a weekly update, there were roughly 3,900 positive PCR tests.
In a weekly update, there were roughly 3,900 positive PCR tests. Image from UK Parliament

On Monday, 19 physicians from throughout the province signed an open letter urging the province to reintroduce mask regulations in schools and daycare facilities.

Dr. Michael Dickinson, who signed the letter, claimed that since the conclusion of March Break, when limitations were released, clinicians in the province had witnessed a worrisome increase in the number of COVID-19 cases among youngsters.

According to Dickinson, it was a “tidal surge of COVID cases,” according to Dickinson.

“It was a volume of several instances that, quite frankly, surprised and overwhelmed us,” he stated in an interview with Global News, “with implications not only for the health as well as well of those school kids, but also for their families at home, their parents, their 1st responder parents, teachers.”

According to the province’s last weekly bulletin, 124 of the 3,888 new cases based on PCR testing were in youngsters under 10. A total of 135 positive tests were found among children aged 10 to 19.

In addition, two of the 78 hospital admissions this week had children under ten.

Source: Global News

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