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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Instagram has been scolded by Madonna for removing images

Key takeaways:

  • Madonna has criticised Instagram for removing photos from her account that showed a piece of her nipple.

Madonna has slammed Instagram for removing images from her account because a portion of her nipple was visible.

The 63-year-old diva said she chose to republish the photographs after the social networking site banned them for violating adult nudity regulations in a post on her verified account on Thursday.

The photographs, which show the singer in various stances in a bedroom while wearing fishnet stockings, were reposted with emojis covering her nipples.

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In a report to CNN, a spokeswoman for Meta, Instagram’s parent company, said that photographs that violate its guidelines are removed “whenever we detect it, no matter who publishes it.”

Madonna wrote to her 17 million Instagram followers: “I’m reposting Instagram photos that were removed without warning or notification.

“Because a small piece of my nipple was revealed, they gave my account to management who does not handle my account.

“It still amazes me that we live in a culture where every inch of a woman’s body is visible except her breast.”

“As if that’s the only sexually exploitable aspect of a woman’s anatomy.” “It’s the nipple that feeds the baby!”

She also compared and contrasted the various rules that may exist for men and women. “Can’t a man’s (sic) nipple be erotic?” she said in the post, which has over 780,000 likes.

Many individuals praised the speaker’s statement, sending applauding emojis and supportive remarks in response, while others disagreed with the attitude.

Madonna slams Instagram as sexist over exposed nipple photo

“Giving thanks that I have managed to keep my sanity through four decades of censorship, sexism, ageism, and misogyny,” she added.

“We take down information that infringes our standards anytime we uncover it, no matter who publishes it,” a Meta spokeswoman told CNN in a statement.

“While we recognize that not everyone will always agree with where we draw the line, our regulations are intended to keep people of all ages safe while allowing for as much expression as possible.”

According to its publicly posted regulations, the social media firm prohibits the “showing of nudity or sexual activity because some people may be receptive to this type of content,” according to its publicly posted regulations.

However, it argues that it has grown more “nuanced” in its enforcement of standards in recent years, allowing posts portraying nipples while a woman is breastfeeding, revealing a mastectomy scar, or engaging in a protest.

Source: CTV News

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