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Eddie Redmayne feels he made a mistake by playing a trans character in ‘The Danish Girl’

Key takeaways:

  • Eddie Redmayne has addressed the backlash over his Oscar-nominated performance as transgender pioneer Lili Elbe.
  • In the 1972 film adaption, Liza Minelli played Bowles, and Joel Grey played the sexually ambiguous Emcee.

Eddie Redmayne has spoken out about the controversy surrounding his Oscar-nominated depiction as transgender pioneer Lili Elbe in the 2015 thriller “The Danish Girl,” calling it a “mistake.”

The “Fantastic Beasts” actor spoke to the Sunday Times about her preparations for a new West End production of “Cabaret.”

Tom Hooper’s film “The Danish Girl” is based on the accurate tale of Elbe, one of the initial people to have gender reassignment surgery.

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Although Redmayne was nominated for several accolades for his performance, many reviewers argued that the role of Elbe should have gone to a trans actor.

Carol Grant, a trans writer, called his casting “regressive, reductive, and contributes to harmful stereotypes” at the time.

“What should have been a celebration of a complicated, interesting transgender figure is instead transmisogynist, and simply plain-old misogynist in general,” she remarked.

Eddie Redmayne: Playing Trans Character in The Danish Girl Was a Mistake

In an interview with the Sunday Times, Redmayne admitted that, while he had the best of intentions, accepting the part was a “mistake” and that he would not accept it if it were offered now.

“I wouldn’t take it on right now,” the 39-year-old actress stated, adding, “The larger conversation about casting grievances is because many people don’t have a seat at the table.” We must level the playing field; otherwise, we will continue to have these disputes.”

Redmayne will next be seen as the Emcee in “Cabaret,” starring Jessie Buckley, who played Sally Bowles in “Chernobyl.”

In the 1972 film adaption, Liza Minelli played Bowles, and Joel Grey played the sexually ambiguous Emcee.

Those who could be critical of Redmayne’s decision to perform a character that LGBT actors frequently play were asked to hold their judgment.

“This character, more than any other I’ve ever read, defies categorization. Before passing judgment, I would encourage people to come to see it for themselves “he stated The Playhouse Theatre in London will open “Cabaret” on December 12.

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