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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Nortepuro: A brave brand that helps to make one’s identity

This brand aims young urban public who are involved in rap, urban aesthetics, graffiti, and the motor world.

Isn’t it exciting to learn about all those brands and businesses doing the “unique”? Society has seen the rise of many such brands, but a few stand as rare gems displaying why they deserve to be known as different from the other brands. One such brand that has come a long way is Nortepuro. It is a brand that originated in Bilbao, dedicated to selling clothing and accessories for the urban world.

Nortepuro is a hip-hop artist who started a clothing brand to cater to the youth’s preferences. The brand is influenced by hip-hop and street style, and the team has been highly invested in making the youth feel confident about themselves. The brand aims to present young people with a wide variety of bright and eye-catching apparel options. A vast selection of apparel options suits all tastes and budgets of the youth. They’re influenced by hip-hop and street style. They wanted to reach everyone who enjoys rap as an expression of their personality, all the young people who cannot find their identity in the world. Their clothing line has enough items to fill an entire closet. The brand has varieties for all seasons and occasions. 

Nortepuro provides short and long-sleeved dresses in multiple colors. They also have biker shorts that are extraordinarily flexible and stretchy, and their joggers come in versatile colors and are very comfortable. They also have a great range of hoodies; some are basic shades while others are vibrant and bold, and they also have kid’s wear to provide all ages with trendy clothing. Their main goal is to attract young clientele who cannot find the products and services that Nortepuro offers in traditional stores. Customers can get clothes with alternative, unusual, urban, and rebellious tastes and wants to differentiate themselves from the conventional taste. Nortepuro is not only staying on trend but also creating its own. In a short period, they have managed to gather customers from all over the world.

Nortepuro closed all its stores in Bilbao and took up the business 100% to the web. To learn and know more about them, get connected to them on Instagram @nortepuro

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