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N.B.’s hot sauce industry seeks solutions in light of the shortage of hot peppers

The hot sauce industry is looking for answers in the face of a hot pepper shortage.

Key Takeaways:

  • The hot sauce is made by carefully blending a variety of spices, peppers, and other delicious ingredients.
  • The third year of the California drought is causing issues for growers that mostly export fruit to Canada and the US.
  • Gaudet claimed that he had to postpone a few market appearances due to a lack of supply of hot peppers.

A precise procedure blends several spices, peppers, and other tasty components to create the hot sauce.

Some of those hot sauces are produced by Spicy Boys. One is the sweet-spicy sauce made from smoked peaches.

Dylan Gaudet, the proprietor of Spicy Boys, stated that onions are the foundation of all of his sauces.

“We add the spice or herb of choice, followed by sugars to aid in breaking down and caramelizing the onions. Whatever produce we’re utilizing gets added. We typically use liquids and vinegar and let the food stew for a while.

Then came the spicy peppers.

However, due to persistent supply chain challenges and the effects of climate change in locations like California, such peppers as the Scotch Bonnet and Carolina Reaper have been difficult to find.

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The California drought, now in its 3rd year, is posing problems for growers who mostly provide fruit to Canada and the United States.

Some of these peppers in North and South America are often found in regions with warmer weather.

As a hot sauce firm, having hot peppers is crucial to our success, according to Gaudet.

There are logistical problems, according to Gaudet, particularly for small businesses, because they may need to make connections that do not already exist as they do for larger businesses.

There are still many hitches to iron out, he admitted. Thank goodness we are beginning to stabilize ourselves. Scotch Bonnets, the primary pepper in our most well-known hot sauce, Smoked Peach, are still hard to come by.

Due to a lack of supply, Gaudet claimed that the scarcity of spicy peppers had forced him to postpone a few market appearances. The scarcity is also having an impact on the company’s charitable endeavors.

The hot sauce industry is looking for answers in the face of a hot pepper shortage.
The hot sauce industry is looking for answers in the face of a hot pepper shortage. Image from NPR

One sauce, Vicious Veteran, whose earnings support Soldier On, a program that offers resources through sport, recreation, and creative activities to help heal ill and injured Canadian Armed Forces troops and veterans, is almost completely sold out.

Despite the difficulties, Gaudet expressed his hope that they could be resolved over time to prevent price hikes.

Some well-known brands, including Huy Fong Foods’ Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce, suffer from pepper scarcity. However, Spice Boys hope to fill that gap.

In a Saturday interview, he remarked, “We are pleased to fill the void.” “I think it is more critical than ever for people to give us a chance. Because sriracha is one of the hot sauces, you use it if you enjoy the hot sauce. You will need to change things up. Therefore, why wouldn’t you move to a local business with the zeal and drive to truly go out there and succeed?

Source: CTV News

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