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AWS will assist automakers in remotely diagnosing problems

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  • Amazon Web Services has announced the debut of a new cloud-based data service that might help automakers spot defects in their vehicles remotely, avoiding recalls and enhancing safety.

According to Reuters, Amazon Web Services has launched a new cloud-based data service that might help automakers detect flaws in their vehicles remotely to avoid recalls and improve safety, as well as manage related data.

The latest tool in’s newly branded AWS for Automotive portfolio of goods and services for the transportation industry, called AWS IoT FleetWise, will be unveiled on Tuesday at the company’s annual re:Invent conference in Las Vegas.

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According to Mike Tzamaloukas, general manager of AWS for Automotive, FleetWise allows customers like car suppliers and transportation companies like Lyft and Uber to collect, organize, and transfer vehicle data to the cloud while standardizing diverse data formats to make data analysis easier.

“The sheer volume of data produced by vehicles equipped with cameras, lidars, and radars is expanding exponentially as vehicles become more sophisticated and complex,” Tzamaloukas said in an interview. 

According to him, customers can “simply access fragmented data across the numerous fleet models and vehicle kinds” with FleetWise.

According to him, FleetWise was created to complement data-driven services offered by automakers, such as GM’s OnStar and Ford’s Ford Pro Intelligence.

AWS will assist automakers in remotely diagnosing problems

The trend is changing.

According to Dean Phillips, a worldwide tech leader for the business unit, the new service complements a comprehensive variety of in-vehicle and cloud-to-vehicle products from AWS for Automotive and 185 business partners.

“We’re working to make it simpler and easier for our customers to discover solutions to their problems,” he said, citing the development of self-driving cars to “digital customer engagement,” including streaming services, as examples of the industry’s growing shift to software-defined vehicles and systems.

Cloud computing, data storage, analytics, and application development are all part of the AWS portfolio.

Amazon’s AWS unit continues to grow, although the corporation does not break out the value of its automotive cloud services business.

AWS reported an operating profit of $13.5 billion on sales of $45.4 billion in 2020, increasing 47 percent and 30 percent from the prior year. 

Despite the ongoing epidemic and worldwide supply chain disruptions, AWS’ growth was even more solid in the first nine months of 2021: $13.2 billion in operating profit on $44.4 billion in sales, virtually equal to its full-year results in 2020.

According to Synergy Research Group, three giant tech companies received more than 60% of the $45 billion in enterprise cloud services investment in the third quarter: Alphabet Inc’s Google (10%), Microsoft (20%), and Amazon Web Services (33%).

Source: Aljazeera

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