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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

The fifth week of the Polchies murder trial concludes

Key taekaways:

  • Fresh testimony from Darrell Green concluded the fifth week of Robby Polchies’ murder trial in Fredericton on Friday.

The fifth week of Robby Polchies’ murder trial in Fredericton ended Friday with fresh testimony from Darrell Green concerning communications sent in the days following the homicide.

On July 29, 2019, Polchies, 34, is charged with shooting and killing 19-year-old Corey Sisson on a lonely route in Noonan, New Brunswick, east of Fredericton.

As per the earlier testimony at the first-degree murder trial, Green was challenged on cross-examination about communications that highlighted the behaviour of Josh O’Hara, who was involved in selling drugs with Sisson.

Green stated that by the time Sisson died, he had been getting cocaine from O’Hara for about six months.

Green testified earlier this week that he was with Polchies, Sisson, and O’Hara when police suspect Sisson was murdered.

He claimed the three males arrived at his place that morning and used crystal meth together until they split up into two groups.

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Green and O’Hara got into one car, while Polchies and Sisson got into another. Polchies returned to Green’s apartment later that day with his girlfriend, Jahradd Williams, but Sisson was not with them, according to Green.

Green said he had a horrible feeling about O’Hara, believed he was acting unusual, and no longer wanted anything to do with him in communications made to someone unrelated to the trial.

“He was off,” Green testified from the witness stand on Friday morning. “Like I just mentioned, I had a bad feeling.”

According to defence counsel Brian Munro, other communications Green made to O’Hara’s girlfriend at the time said he didn’t want to see O’Hara again.

“You said you didn’t want him to come over because you didn’t want to be held responsible for something he did, right?” Munro stated.

“You’re right,” Green responded.

Munro suggested O’Hara was irritated with Green for talking too much about something that didn’t include him in communications between O’Hara and Green on Aug. 11, 2019.

“Do you recall having a Facebook conversation with him where he seemed irritated with you?” Munro explained.

“Yeah, he kept asking where I was,” Green explained.

Green previously admitted to the court that he was nervous in the days following Sisson’s disappearance. As a result, he stated he left Fredericton and went to his sister’s house near Woodstock.

Green claimed that he told O’Hara that he hadn’t spoken to anyone.

Green made a statement to police around the same time in August 2019, according to Munro.

Green expressed his fear in the statement.

He informed cops, “I’m one of the ones that saw him leave with him.”

Munro speculated that Green was alluding to O’Hara and Sisson leaving the flat together, but Green denied this.

Green testified that he was talking about Polchies and Sisson departing together after being redirected by the Crown.

Rodney Jordan, the Crown prosecutor, asked, “Do you recall that?”

“Absolutely,” Green stated.

Jordan inquired as to how he felt about it.

“Now? “I feel dreadful,” Green added, “quite choked, restless, and unhappy.”

The trial will resume on Monday.

Source: CBC

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